There are indoor activities and outdoor activities which become a hobby for people. Some people like to read, dancing, singing, listening to music, drawing, painting, collecting stamps etc. On the contrary, there are also people active in outdoor games, such as hiking, playing sports, gardening etc.

For me, my hobby is to snap photo! I would like to capture photos wherever I visit. The main characters in my photo are my family and friends. I want to capture the every single moment of happiness when we still have the chance to stick to each other. These photo will become our sweet memories in one day. Sometimes, I will also snap the photo of the food. From the photos, we can see the how we grow up either in physically or mentally. Every experience in life is precious. Therefore, we only can keep it as our memories through photos.

My wonderful family~~~
Being a librarian^^
Friends’ Gathering^^
PLKN experience!!!
Started in uni life><

Being a photography make me feel satisfy and happy. I hope that I can improve in my capturing photos’ skill. In addition, I want to try to snap the photo of the natural phenomena in earth.


For additional information:

  1. http://brightside.me/article/100-best-photographs-without-photoshop-46555/?image=210605&utm_campaign=art-images-share#image210605
  2. http://www.worldofwanderlust.com/travel-photography-tips-what-to-look-for-when-taking-travel-photos/




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